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Pendant and Ring Newsletter #6 April 2019

Hello and welcome to our sixth newsletter here at Pendant and Ring. Thank you for taking the time to check in with us! It is nice to turn over a new calendar page and get back to work after yesterday's frivolity. Hope you had a pleasant April Fool's Day and that all pranks remained lighthearted and funny.

Looking Back
During the month of March, Pendant and Ring continued on its upward trajectory. Our growth is steady and stable. We are flourishing online with new subscribers here and new followers across social media. For those of you newbies: Welcome to the Loop!

Quick Stats
These are the top four performing posts this month; three in the store and one on the blog. Click an image to see the post!

Vintage Antique Silver Mexican Eagle and Snake Pendant Necklace 1920 –1943

Mercury Dime Pendant on a Gold Filled Snake Chain

Antique Lucky Silver Sixpence Coin Pendant Necklace

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Looking Forward
Easter is less than 20 days away. If you hav…

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